The RSuite 5 Installation can be viewed on line and downloaded Guide PDF .

People who are familiar with installing RSuite will notice these differences:

  • Default plug-ins are installed directly to rsuite-home\plugins
  • The installer now creates properties for local-file authentication and combines the set-up for Active Directory and Open LDAP
  • RSuite 5 requires either Oracle JDK 1.7, Oracle JDK 1.8, or OpenJDK 1.8 or later
  • RSuite 5 works with MarkLogic 6, 7, and 8. RSuite releases 5.0.5 and later are compatible
    with MarkLogic 9
  • RSuite 5 requires MySQL 5.6.4 or later release of version 5
  • The installation path is used as the default path to the user directory: rsuite-home\RSuite-
  • Configuring the JDBC connection to MySQL has two new fields: Database Name and Retype
  • There is an installation step to configure the SMTP mail service

Last updated 10 April 2019.