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RSuite 5.5.3

Four properties are added in Pooled Data Source Settings.  They adjust the default connection pool settings to supply the number of threads needed by concurrent workflows.

RSuite 5.5.1

  • This update includes properties supporting a new feature:  the option to store non-XML files in a MarkLogic repository.  Implementation procedures for the feature are under the property.
  • The new property,, can be used to give non-administrators the ability to use the Assignee filter to find active tasks assigned to users other than themselves, just as administrators can.
  • Starting with release 5.5.1, RSuite uses a secure keystore for storing passwords.  These properties are obsolete:






The RSuite Configuration Properties Reference:

  • Includes a reference for using each property available in Property types include:
    • Authentication settings
    • Content settings
    • Directory and file settings
    • Editor settings
    • Logging settings
    • Mail settings
    • MySQL server settings
    • Pooled data source settings
    • Search settings
    • Server settings
    • Store non-XML files in MarkLogic
    • User Interface settings
    • Workflow settings
    • XML repository settings
  • Describes MarkLogic configuration settings, such as element range indexes